This page will explore and advocate ways to use the Internet in building and maintaining a healthy and prosperous Lubec. Its top objective is to find ways to rebuild our year 'round population and ensure a viable economy in the future. I hope to form an online working group to identify issues, analyze our current state, and pursue political issues such as net neutrality that are vital to our community. 

The group will focus on the role that broadband Internet connectivity plays in small town and rural economic activity. The "stay option" - analyzing the factors that enable both long time residents and newcomers to remain in Lubec and encourage them to do so - will be a key part of our project. We'll start with analysis of our current broadband facilities and how to improve them as a means to provide job opportunities, encourage home business, expand the market of existing business, explore telemedicine and many other aspects of connectivity as it effects life in our town. You will find expanded versions of these thoughts under the "documents" menu. Please keep in mind that these are drafts and will be edited and revised - I'm just gathering everything relevant as a first step. Eventually I hope to produce a coherent approach from all this. Progress will be reported to the Lubec Economic Development Committee.

If you would like to assist with this project, please contact me (contact link coming soon).

Thank you for visiting!

Fred Pierce